Gallery of Tapestry Church Kneelers

A sample from the thousands of churches that have worked with us on kneeler projects

Bishops chair Lindisfarne
St Mary the Virgin, Holy Island. Celtic design Altar and single kneelers based on designs in the church.
Canterbury Cathedral Quire
Canterbury Cathedral. A major project providing 122 cushions for the Quire.
Altar KNeeler, St Mary Magdalene, Tingewicke
St Mary Magdalene, Tingewick. Altar kneelers based on an old tapestry.
Altar Kneeler, St John the Baptist, Knaresborough
St John the Baptist, Knaresborough. Altar rail kneelers and runner designed from church emblems.
Kneelers, St Paul's, Wokingham
St Paul's, Wokingham. Altar rail kneeler and individual kneelers with designs based on the church floor tiles.