Have you wondered how to start a Kneeler Project?

Our Design Studio can produce anything that is capable of being made into a tapestry.

We do all the work for you from first idea to finished kit. We can even stitch them for you if you don't feel able.

The commission example below folows an actual project through from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you want one kneeler or a large altar kneeler the process is the same

In the past we have produced everthing from a major cathedral tapestry project to many hundreds of individual kneelers. These range from designs to commemorate lost family or pets through to local scenes or churches. All you have to do is ask. Use our contact form to give us an idea of what you would like and we will send you a free no obligation quote.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have used this service but unfortunately not enough space to show all of them. You will find a selection of projects on our Gallery pages. Remember it costs nothing to request a quote and you could soon have a completely personal kneeler for the church or home.

A Kneeler Project from start to finish

To illustrate how easy it is to commission an Altar Rail Kneeler we have chosen a project undertaken by St. Bartholomew's Church, Long Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne. The same process is followed if you want to buy a single kneeler, pew cushion or pew runner.

Choose a feature of the church as the basis of your design or alternatively select symbols or themes for our designer to interpret. Decide on the depth of kneeler, we recommend three to four inches for comfort.

Measure the Altar Rail length and decide the breadth, we recommend ten to twelve inches. If the Altar Rail is curved make a template from a heavy paper such as wallpaper to fit the curve.


“We have three sections in the following sizes.
Left Side - 83”x 10.5”
Centre - 53”x 10.5”
Right - 83”x 10.5”
We have decided the subjects for the left and middle sections and this request is to see if your designers can help with the third.
We would like each side section to divide into seven and the middle section divided into five. We have digital photos of the rood screen that we would like to use to separate the sections making them look like windows.“

Rood Screen

Photographs from the church

Our designer then interprets your requirements, makes a recommendation for the count of tapestry needed and raises any design considerations which may be neccessary for the best result.

At this stage we produce a FREE quotation for the project which includes all design work and materials. We also give you an estimated time to completion from when you approve the artwork
To go ahead with the order you just confirm your acceptance of the Quotation. You can also send us any changes to your original idea and any sketches or photographs ( digital or printed ).


“In my original letter, we asked for the saints (K089,090, 091, 092) one for each window with K343 in the middle. We like the new designs KF380, 387, 406, & 398 and would like these incorporated instead.
Not sure about BG colour for now. Leave it up to the designer. “

Design ideas for initial approval

Design ideas submitted for approval for the left and middle sections with customers suggested alterations pencilled on top .

We supply a small scale interpretation of the design for your approval. At this stage you can still make changes to the design.

Left kneeler Centre kneeler Right kneeler


"Please find enclosed the proposed artwork returned. We would like the following amendments please......

After final design alterations the kits are then assembled and sent to your chosen delivery address.
There's everything you need to complete the kneeler along with instructions, foam and backing fabric.

That's all there is to it. The rest is up to you. Happy Stitching.

P.S. It's just the same for pew runners, individual kneelers or anything else that you would like to put into tapestry.

Still need help?

You may still not know where to start or have a project in mind which is very different from our illustration.

We're here to help. Outline your project in the box on our contact form and we will get back to you with either a quote or a request for more information. This may be by telephone or email so please give us your full contact details. It is usually easier to see all aspects of a project when writing it down rather than trying to remember whilst on the phone. It also gives us more time to check everything to give you the best solution.


From outside UK +44 1422 881100  UK 01422 881100

Our office hours are 9 till 5 Monday to Thursday. Outside these hours please leave a message and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.


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