St Margaret's, Westminster

St Margaret's, Westminster Abbey on Parliament Square where Chaucer, Caxton, Pepys and Milton worshipped. We provided kits for 600 tapestry kneelers with various symbols on a Burgundy background.

Jacksons of Hebden Bridge

Around 60 years ago we began producing kits to make tapestry church kneelers. As their popularity grew many churches requested their own individual designs. This led to our commission department which has produced thousands of projects from pew runners for Canterbury Cathedral to kneelers for small chapels.

The development of today's kits

The church kneeler kits introduced volunteers to tapestry where they had no previous desire to stitch. By and large they enjoyed themselves so much that once they had completed their contribution to the church they wanted to continue with tapestry but could not find any kits with the unique features that we provide. This led to our next development, a range of cushions with accurate colour printed canvas, finest quality wool and good value for money. Over the years this range of easy kits developed into the Brigantia Needlework Collection with tapestry kits suitable for abilities and styles to suite every taste.

What is so unique about our kits?

Our printed canvas

All our kits contain hand printed colour canvas to make them easy to follow. Canvases are printed accurately to the stitch. This means that no guesswork is involved and the finished tapestry matches the design exactly. The 10 hole kits are also supplied with a chart which helps to identify colours in artificial light.

Our exclusive pure wool yarn

Our pure wool Tapestry yarns are produced in Yorkshire from the finest quality fleece giving a smooth, glossy yarn. The yarn is then dyed, treated with conditioners and gently dried in a flow of warm air to produce a full and soft finish ideal for tapestry.